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 Factor  8
 Fifty five  
 Fine Line
 Flobie slide
 From  A to Z
 Forever  Little
 Forever young
 Forge  ahead
 French  kiss
 Friday yet
 Friday  night
 Game over
 Get  along ***
 Get back
 Get  up
 Girls gone wild 
 Go crazy
 God blessed texas
 God  is good
 Going going gone
 Gone engouh
 Gone west
 Gossip  land
 Gosth town
 Good luck's gonna shine
 Good riddance
 Grateful  ***

 Haedlight ***
 Heads or tails ***
 Heaven on earth
 Heaven on dirt
 Hey  mister
 Hight & low
 Hold  me
 Hold on to me ***
 Honky tonk at home ***
 Honky tonk way
 Hooked on country